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Low-cost soilless cultivation, vegetables are planted in growth bags, very convenient

Low-cost soilless cultivation, vegetables are planted in growth bags, very convenient

Low-cost soilless cultivation, vegetables are planted in growth bags, very convenient


Tomato species in the bag not only looks beautiful, but also has good output. Many farmers' friends asked after seeing that after this stubble tomato was pulled up, can they grow vegetables in the planting bag?


The planting bag can be reused as a planting slot. It does not need to be replaced one by one, and the location of the planting bag does not need to move. After the tomato ends, we are preparing to grow cucumbers over the summer in the bag.

 Low-cost soilless cultivation, vegetables are planted in growth bags, very convenient


Many farmers' friends asked, what are the advantages of planting vegetables with bags? Can ordinary farmers imitate this method?


  1. Solve high cost problems


Many farmers make soil -free cultivation vegetables starting from matrix cultivation. The cost of matrix cultivation mainly includes planting grooves, matrix, and fertilizers. These three parts account for a large proportion. Many farmers see that the cost of building a planting slot is relatively high and worried about losing money, so they dare not try.


The planting bag is used as a planting slot, which is very suitable for planting and fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, strawberries, cucumber, pumpkin, melon, strawberry, etc. At the same time, it solves the problem of high cost. One acre of a greenhouse can be used with about 1,000 bags, costing a thousand dollars. If you want to try soilless cultivation, you can try a few bags first. After the planting bag is placed, it can usually be used for three or four years. You dont need to spend money anymore when planting, durable and money.


The outside of the planting bag is silver -gray and black inside. It looks clean and beautiful. It is also suitable for picking garden planting. It can be used at high temperature or cold. In fact, there is one aspect of the two colors of planting bags. Silver -gray can avoid some pests and reflect light. The black inside the planting bag ensures that the root system grows in an opaque environment.


  1. Solve the problem of watering difficulties


In the past, the planted bags that everyone were familiar with was made of non -woven fabric. This kind of bag was better breathable, but the watering was more troublesome, and the water would flow out of all sides. The planting bag we use is made of plastic. It has a certain water retention. It will not increase the frequency of watering because of the planting bag. The planting bag can be equipped with the matrix of its own, cost -effective, such as earthworm dung plus rice shell, earthworm dung plus cow dung, is good for breathability, which is conducive to root growth.


There are holes at the bottom of the planting bag. Watering and fertilization are more convenient, and it is more suitable for soil -free cultivation of fruits and vegetables. When there is water discharge at the bottom, this also means that the watering can be over. This can not only keep water, but also solve the problem of drainage. Even if the open -air planting is raining, the water will be discharged directly without worrying about drowning vegetables.


Vegetables are cultivated with soilless cultivation. The high cost and difficulty watering of farmers can solve the practical planting bags as planting slots. Not any bags are suitable for vegetable planting. If you use earthworm manure, cow dung, bacteria stick, etc. as a cultivation substrate, it is best to choose a plastic planting bag. One bag can plant two seedlings.

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