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In gardening, earthworm dung and cow dung,what should I choose You need to know

In gardening, earthworm dung and cow dung,what should I choose You need to know

In gardening, earthworm dung and cow dung,what should I choose? You need to know


Fruit and vegetables are cultivated with soilless cultivation. The prospect of this planting model is very good. The choice of cultivation matrix is ??very critical, the selection is right, the effect is good, and the cost can be reduced. In recent years, the use of organic matrix is ??very popular, such as earthworm dung, cow dung, etc. Many farmers ask these two kinds of organic fertilizers. What should I choose as the cultivation substrate?

 In gardening, earthworm dung and cow dung,what should I choose You need to know


Earthworm dung contains about 40%of the matrix, as well as nutritional elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and biological enzymes and beneficial bacteria. After planting seedlings, it can promote slow seedlings and increase growth. In addition, the water retention of earthworm manure is better and has a certain breathability. After watering, the air will quickly enter the matrix to prevent hypoxia. After planting, the growth of vegetables is obvious. Earthworm manure is very suitable for soil -free cultivation matrix, planting tomatoes, melon, cucumber, strawberries, etc.


Therefore, earthworm manure is not just a good organic fertilizer, it is also a very practical substrate. However, the price of earthworm manure is high or low. Some farmers have the resources of earthworm manure in the local area. It is less than two thousand acres of land. In this way, the cost is low. It is more cost -effective as the cultivation matrix. Some farmers cannot find resources around them. The cost of buying transportation from outside is relatively high. Originally more than one hundred, but the cost of transportation was three or four hundred. For these farmers, the cost of use was relatively high.


Cow dung can also be used as a cultivation substrate, which is cheaper than earthworm manure and can use waste. Although cow dung is cold fertilizer, if the seedlings are directly planted, problems are prone to occur during management. There are many grass seeds and more underground pests. Therefore, the cow dung should be processed before use. The first is to ferment with the cultivation matrix fermented agent, and then change the carbon nitrogen ratio, and finally put it into the planting slot. In addition, the breathability of cow dung is good, but the water retention is very average. During the high temperature period in summer, the amount of evaporation is large, and the fertilization is frequent.


Earthworm dung and cow dung can be used as a cultivation substrate alone. They have their own advantages and can be reused. These organic substrates are suitable for the activities and reproduction of microorganisms. When the stubble is changed, the organic acid secreted by the root system can be decomposed to avoid severe stubble. And the organic matrix also contains some mineral elements, which can be absorbed after vegetable planting.


The choice of matrix is diverse. In order to cultivate the matrix is more economical and practical, farmers can also prepare themselves, choose raw materials nearby, and use resources. The preparation of the matrix is also related to some theoretical knowledge, but these are all experienced experience. For example, with earthworm dung with fermented cow dung, earthworm manure and rice shell are mixed. Cow dung has poor water reservation, and you can add water to keep water, and the effect is also good.


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