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How many steps does a household ladder usually take How do you choose the right ladder?

How many steps does a household ladder usually take How do you choose the right ladder?

How many steps does a household ladder usually take? How do you choose the right ladder?


Generally use 3-step ladder, 4-step ladder or 5-step ladder. These ladders are suitable for heights with a height of only 3 meters, if the height reaches 4 meters or 5 meters, it is recommended to buy a 7-step ladder or even a 9-step ladder.


What is a loft lift?


Loft elevator as the name suggests is installed in the attic of the elevator ladder, this loft elevator is also called the cargo elevator, this kind of freight elevator is mainly used for transporting goods between the floor height of the building, is the economical and practical low floor between the ideal cargo transportation equipment.


How many steps does a household ladder usually take How do you choose the right ladder?


In general, this kind of loft elevator can be folded, has strong elasticity, the whole machine is light in weight, good mobility, suitable for single operation; The special mast guide wheel device lifts smoothly and freely, even if you are at an altitude of 30 meters, you can feel its superior smooth performance.


The product is widely used in stations, docks, public buildings and other industries and fields that need to be engaged in high-altitude work.


Ladder protective cage safety standards


When the height of the ladder is greater than 3 meters, a safety cage should be set up. The height of the single ladder section is not more than 7 meters, and a safety cage should be provided. When the climbing height is less than 7 meters, but the height of the top of the ladder is greater than 7 meters above the ground, floor or roof, a safety cage should also be provided.


Aluminum alloy ladder purchase skills ladder material identification:


1, generally can be judged by the gloss of the surface of the profile by the material, if it is the use of the back material made of the ladder surface is dull or miserable white, there is no gloss (basically no reflection), the touch feel is relatively rough, the surface gloss made of the new material is very good, and the touch feel is smooth and delicate.


2, you can look at the toughness of the material, qualified aluminum alloy materials should be allowed to squeeze after the extrusion of the allowable external force, can immediately restore the original state, if not immediately restored, then this ladder has a great safety risk.


Workmanship of the ladder:


1, the first choice to open the ladder to see, if the ladder opens on the squeaky sound, definitely not a good ladder, a good ladder open and close, are no sound, when the ladder is opened, the level can be put correct, such as shaking, check that the next is or have a long and short foot, you can also view the material and workmanship of the accessories.


2, the interface fixing method riveting riveting, you can look at the processing status of the rivet, if there is loose or the gap is too large, it is a substandard product.


3, the interface fixed way of welding, the weld bead must be a fish scale like a standard product, and the weld bead should be full height and size should be uniform.


4, the interface fixing method is pressed riveting, you can see that the connection between the rod and the ladder beam is or loose (not pressed), and the flange of the rod should be uniform in size.


Check the load carrying capacity:


1, in order to prevent the poor quality of the ladder in the inspection of the endurance of us to injure, we first have to see what the maximum bearing capacity of the logo is.


  1. In the ladder national standard GB 12142-2007, the load can be divided into four gears, namely 90KG, 100KG, 110KG, 135KG, and the qualified ladder safety load should be more than 2.5 times the mark.


The appearance of the product, the packaging is more important for sales, the beautiful appearance of the general customer is quite attractive, it directly affects the image of the product, because most of the customers are not professionals, do not understand the internal structure of the product, only directly from the appearance of the product to make a judgment.



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