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Generally speaking, what will the functions of carpet, mat or rug do? A more detailed summary

Generally speaking, what will the functions of carpet, mat or rug do? A more detailed summary

Generally speaking, what will the functions of carpet, mat or rug do? A more detailed summary


More and more people like to place carpets in the middle of the house, carpet practical value is high, can bring comfortable, warm atmosphere to the indoor environment. In fact, carpets still have a lot of functions, well, do you know what the role of carpets is? Let's get to know each other.


Generally speaking, what will the functions of carpet, mat or rug do? A more detailed summary


The following is a more detailed description, as follows:


What is the function of the carpet


Function 1: keep warm


Carpet fabric is made of fiber with good heat preservation performance, which can block the invasion of cold air on the ground, reduce the heat loss on the ground, and make people feel warm and comfortable. If carpets are laid in the room, the heat preservation value will increase by about 12%, which is better than not carpets.


Function 2: adjust humidity


Carpet fabric also has the function of regulating air humidity, which can not only absorb indoor water, but also release moisture, so that indoor humidity can be balanced and comfortable.


Function three: sound absorption


Carpet has a good sound absorption effect, mainly through the rich material to block the sound of the lower layer, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing noise. Because the carpet absorbs sound well and reduces the reflection of sound, the indoor sound sounds clearer. The sound effect is better when you use a tape recorder or watch TV. In addition, people walk on the carpet, footsteps will also disappear, the bedroom environment appears to be quieter.


Function IV: comfort


Walking on the ground will feel uncomfortable and prone to fatigue, while walking on the carpet will feel comfortable and soft, because the ground is hard, and the carpet is thick and soft.


Function 5: decoration


Carpet texture plump, beautiful appearance, laid on the stiff floor, will make the floor appear dignified and rich, play a very good decorative role.


How to maintain the carpet


  1. Clean up the dirt. Carpet is easy to accumulate dirt, should be cleaned regularly, it is recommended to vacuum dust on the surface every day, and then wash the carpet once a week. In addition, before cleaning the carpet, clean the carpet under the carpet, because if you do not clean the floor, the carpet will be cleaned and dirty again.


  1. Use it evenly. The carpet takes a while and the surface is worn out, which in turn can continue to be used. If you don't want one side of the carpet to wear out too much, you can change it regularly.


  1. Remove dirt. If there are ink stains on the carpet, you can wipe them with lemonade; if there are coffee or tea stains on the carpet, you can wash them with clean water; if there is juice on the carpet, you can remove them with cold water and dilute ammonia solution.


  1. Remove foreign bodies. Some fluff fell off the carpet and was vacuumed; there were broken glass sheets on the stall, which could be glued up with cotton dipped in water and then wrapped in paper and thrown away.


  1. Remove the scorch mark. If there are scorch marks on the ground stand, it is not recommended to throw them away directly. You can wash the scorch marks with a hard hair brush. After drying, you can flatten them with books and comb them again.


  1. Eliminate the odour of pets. Cleaning carpets with vinegar can not only remove the peculiar smell left by pets, but also prevent carpet discoloration.


  1. Remove gum. Press the ice on top of the gum to solidify the gum, then brush the carpet directly with a brush to remove the gum. When removing gum, you should be careful not to use chemical dilution agents, because chemical dilution agents have corrosion effect, which will damage the carpet.

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