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Can you use a ladder? You haven't found these six wonderful uses in home life, have you?

Can you use a ladder? You haven't found these six wonderful uses in home life, have you?

Can you use a ladder? You haven't found these six wonderful uses in home life, have you?


Ladders are used as daily necessities in almost every family, mainly for climbing, but the frequency of use is not high. It's a waste to look at the ladder that is hardly used on weekdays and just lie quietly in the corner to collect dust. Change the way of thinking, change the usage, and let the ladder become a daily use. It is the right thing to shine and heat.


Then, the functions of six kinds of ladders introduced by my sister will help you make better use of ladders to improve the quality of life at home.


Can you use a ladder? You haven't found these six wonderful uses in home life, have you?


First, the shelf


Using a ladder as a shelf is both creative and practical.


▲ Whether it is placed in the living room or bedroom, ladders can be generous and decent. Hook up the basket and put small items inside. Glasses, hats and shopping bags can all be hung on them, so they can be conveniently placed and kept tidy.


▲ A small ladder is most suitable for the bathroom in a small area, which occupies a small space. Towels and toiletries are just right, and green plants are more beautiful.


▲ How lucky it is that you can just put down a ladder in the corner of your home. It won't waste space and can cure obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Second, the shoe rack


The old ladder is painted to make a shoe rack, which saves space and is convenient to use.


▲ How can a woman stand the temptation of high heels? She can't put them down when she buys them. The ladder can save space and be beautiful to use, and it's clear at a glance. When she's in a hurry to go out, she doesn't have to rummage around. Put them on and set off immediately.


▲ Do you think ladders are just the patent of high heels? That's wrong. Flat shoes, sneakers and slippers all have spring. For a ladder with wide horizontal intervals, find some wooden boards to DIY, and nail a few horizontal bars to make the ladder more dense.


▲ This triangle ladder is simply a complex, and more shoes and more varieties can be hold.


Third, the flower stand

The ladder with nowhere to put can be used as a flower stand to make the best use of everything. It is simply beautiful to put green plants layer by layer.


▲ The old wooden ladder is used as a flower stand, green plants and tea sets can be matched so harmoniously, and the life of enjoying tea and flowers is leisurely and carefree.


▲ Put a pot of different kinds of flowers on the first floor. After this pot of flowers blooms, there are flowers to enjoy all year round.


  1. Lamp stand


The ladder can replace the bedside table without any violation, and can also be used as a lamp stand to hang the lamp.


▲ A simple room, an old wooden ladder hung with a lamp, has a special mood.


▲ In addition to hanging lights, this smooth and beautiful ladder also hangs some decorations to create a stylish bedside space.


  1. Bookshelves

Books are the ladder of human progress. How harmonious it is to put books on the ladder of literary and art circles. You can reach the peak of your life soon after reading the first level.


▲ The colorful old triangle ladder, with a few wide wooden boards in the middle, becomes a bookshelf, with books and beloved little dolls on it. This reading corner must be your favorite place to stay at home.


▲ Put a wooden ladder bookshelf by the window with good light, and browse it at leisure.


▲ Lying on a comfortable fabric sofa, the sunlight just shines on the ladder bookshelf through the glass window, and people can't help but put down their mobile phones and stick up their books to roam in the ocean of knowledge.


▲ The old ladder with traces of years can't bear the load and climb high, so it is practical and beautiful to stick it horizontally on the wall as a bookshelf.


  1. Ornaments

A ladder with full personality can also be used as an ornament in the home. Don't be too awesome.


▲ Hang the ladder, then hang the beautiful vase, and you can see the beautiful scenery when you look up.


▲ Monkey climbing ladder is lifelike. Ladder-shaped items are more interesting in children's room, and children's dolls can also be hung on it.

A simple ladder, which can be erected horizontally, can become whatever you put it in, which is so interesting. Give full play to your imagination and think about what else you can do with it.


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