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Application and characteristics of sealing machine

Application and characteristics of sealing machine

Uses and characteristics of sealing machine


Today, we tell you about the purpose and characteristics of the sealing machine.


Sealing machine is a machine that seals the container filled with packing materials. After the product is put into the packaging container, it is necessary to seal the packaging container in order to keep the product sealed, maintain the product quality and avoid the loss of the product. This operation is done on the sealing machine. General sealing machine consists of frame, speed-reducing transmission mechanism, sealing and printing mechanism, conveying device and electrical and electronic control system.


Application and characteristics of sealing machine

1, the purpose of sealing machine


(1) This series of products is suitable for sealing and bag making of polyethylene or polypropylene single-layer film, polyethylene or polypropylene composite film plastic bags with inner layer, and composite soft bags such as aluminum-plastic paper and plastic. Because the sealing machine has the characteristics of continuous sealing, it can be made into packaging bags of various specifications and sizes, and can be used in various packaging lines.


(2) This series of products can be applied to the packaging and sealing of products in food, beverage, medicine, aquatic products, native products, daily cosmetics, clothing, electronic components, hardware, chemical industry and other industries.

  1. Features of sealing machine


This series of products has the advantages of firm sealing and high efficiency; Simple and compact structure and small volume; Beautiful appearance, advanced technology, low power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance, etc., as well as the following features:


(1) The sealing tape shielded by polypropylene can effectively prevent the sealing bag from burning and polluting the environment, and make the sealing firm and beautiful.


(2) Because of the large heating capacity, the heat sealing pressure can be adjusted; The electronic preselection constant temperature control system is adopted, so it can be used for sealing packaging bags of various materials and thicknesses. At the same time, the constant temperature control system can adjust the heat sealing temperature at will and keep the temperature automatically, so the temperature is stable, the heating is uniform and the sealing quality is stable and reliable.


(3) It is equipped with stepless speed regulating conveying device, which can automatically convey the packaging bags from the inlet to the outlet, complete all the sealing procedures, and can meet the requirements of automatic line in various beats.


(4) This machine can be equipped with embossing wheel or another printing wheel, and the font can be changed as needed. It can be printed with marks such as production date, shelf life and storage period at the same time of sealing, and the sealing pattern and marks are clear and beautiful.


(5) There is no limit to the width and length of the bag, and no matter the size of the bag, it can be heat sealed smoothly.


(6) Floor type is equipped with casters, which can easily change the operation site. Vertical transformation is convenient, which can package dry goods as well as wet goods.

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