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  • 【Absolute Anti-Leakage】 heavy duty water hose, made of premium rubber and sold at a low price, can totally match your demands. Made of robust brass material, its 3/4” US standard fittings can effectively avoid leaking water.
  • 【Designed With 9-Function High Pressure Spray】WOHOUS 50 feet garden hose, featuring 9-Function pattern, can spray water max. 50feet (Start out at 17ft) away. It can handle not only gardening job in your yard, but also assist with washing your viehcle.
  • 【Using-Friendly】As lightweight as you want (5.5lbs) and manoeuvrability, our expandable 100ft hose can be easily used by children, elders and ladies. When water flows through flexible hose and its pressure reach 4-12 bar, it will automatically stretch from 33ft to 100ft. After use it will shrink back to original size. With assistance of drawstring bag it will take up little space for storage.
  • 【Cleaning & Enjoy with Your Kids】 Its multifunctional spray (including Angle, Shower, Soaker, Full, Mist, Flat, Cone, Center, Jet) makes it fit to garden plants on the patio and wash cars or pets. Can also be used as kids’ toy in summer.High pressure nozzle for garden makes you enjoy funny time with your kids.
  • 【Package Content】7-in-1 package includes flexible garden hose, spray nozzle, garden hose splitter, leakproof tape for water pipe, 3pcs spare rubber gaskets, hose clamp and storage bag. We hope you enjoy your purchase with ease and convenience. That's why we are fully satisfied with the full money back guarantee that this hose are supported. Get nothing, book today and enjoy a carefree trip!