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What are the vegetables suitable for summer planting?

What are the vegetables suitable for summer planting?

What are the vegetables suitable for summer planting?


There are many kinds of vegetables suitable for summer planting, such as cabbage, lettuce, cabbage, leek, etc., cucumbers, balsam gourd, loofah, winter melon and so on, eggplant, chili, tomato, okra and so on.


I. Leafy vegetables

  1. Cabbage

Cabbage is a vegetable that many people choose to grow in summer. It has strong vitality and good heat resistance, and can harvest several stubble after planting. It is a very good vegetable. Cabbage is a water-loving and drought-tolerant vegetable, so the temperature requirements are not high, more than 40 degrees of weather can survive, timely to replenish moisture to cabbage.

  1. Lettuce

Lettuce is suitable for planting in early summer. Lettuce planting time is generally in spring and autumn two seasons, but if both choose to plant in these two seasons, it will cause too many lettuce, supply exceeds demand, if you can choose to grow in summer, although the yield is lower than other seasons, but the unit price is higher, and the planting benefit is considerable.

  1. Chinese cabbage

Cabbage can also be planted in summer. Planting cabbage in summer must choose a variety suitable for summer planting, cabbage is suitable to grow in the environment of sufficient light, but too strong light will lead to the phenomenon of withered leaves and leaves, so when curing cabbage in summer, it can provide light for the plant every morning, and in the afternoon, it is necessary to cover the shade of cabbage in time to avoid being burned by strong light.

  1. Leek

Leeks are suitable for growing in summer. It is necessary to do a good job of sprouting seeds in summer. The temperature is too high in summer, the soil moisture is high, leek seeds are easy to rot, and the germination speed of seeds after sprouting is fast and the seedling raising time is saved. Leek can be planted for many years in a row, belonging to a wide range of adaptability vegetables, with a certain degree of cold tolerance and high temperature tolerance.

 What are the vegetables suitable for summer planting?


 II. Melons and vegetables

  1. Cucumber

Cucumbers are heat-resistant and can usually be planted in May and June in summer. Cucumber can be planted directly in summer, but also by seedling transplanting, of course, the best is to use hole plate rapid seedling raising. Because of the high temperature in summer, it is easy to cause the lack of water. When planting, the plants should be watered in time to keep the soil moist.

  1. Bitter gourd

Balsam gourd is a kind of vegetable with a long growth cycle, which is usually planted in early summer and vigorous in summer. Basically, it can adapt from 10 to 35 ℃, but the suitable temperature for seed germination is about 30-35 ℃. After planting, it can provide plants with mineral-rich river or lake water, soak all the soil, and create a humid growth environment for balsam gourd. When providing water for balsam gourd, attention should also be paid to watering water, and it is best to water the plant only when the soil is dry.

  1. Loofah

Luffa is a very heat-resistant vegetable, the higher the temperature, the faster the growth, summer luffa to choose heat-resistant, precocious, Fengdeng species. Summer luffa is usually planted in May and June, and can be supplied to the market in July and October. This time can be selected according to the market situation, it should be noted that because of the summer sun is large, need to choose more heat-resistant loofah. Although the high temperature and humidity environment in summer is beneficial to the growth and development of luffa, it is also a period of high incidence of diseases and insect pests, so we should pay attention to the prevention of diseases and insect pests.

  1. Winter melon

Winter melon is a more heat-resistant crop, especially resistant to hot weather, so it can also be planted in summer. The suitable temperature of winter melon in the growth process is between 25 and 30 degrees, and the temperature of seed germination is 28-30 degrees. Because the leaves of winter melon are relatively large, so the water loss is relatively fast, a lot of water is needed in the growth process. Attention should be paid to watering frequently in summer.


What are the vegetables suitable for summer planting? 

III. Eggplant and fruit vegetables

  1. Eggplant

Eggplant is grown in summer, usually at the beginning of summer. Eggplant likes the high temperature growth environment, wants to let the seed germinate better, the temperature should be between 25 ℃ and 30 ℃. After planting eggplant, you can prune the plant, cut off the tender buds and leaves at the top of eggplant with sharp scissors, promote the plant to grow more branches for fruit, and cut off the branches and leaves of eggplant, which can help the plant save nutrients and make it grow better.

  1. Chili pepper

Pepper is a kind of warm vegetable, growing chili in summer has very good economic benefit. Summer high temperature and rain, cool summer intolerable, this time to grow chili peppers, but also to do a good job of management measures. When growing chili pepper, the temperature is between 23 ℃ and 30 ℃, the seedling needs a higher temperature during the growth period, the temperature is below 15 ℃, the seed will not be able to bud, and even if it sprouts, its growth rate is very slow. Pepper diseases and insect pests are more and more serious in summer. Strengthening the field management of pepper and preventing diseases and insect pests is the basic guarantee to ensure high quality pepper.


  1. Tomatoes

Early maturing varieties with disease resistance, heat resistance and cold tolerance should be selected when sowing tomato in summer. Because high temperature tomatoes are easy to die and prone to diseases and insect pests, and this is the fruit setting period of tomatoes, field management is very important, in which watering, fertilizer and other processes need to master skills.

  1. Okra

Okra is suitable for planting in summer, and the growth rate is fast, can soon bear fruit, can always eat into late autumn. Because the okra is native to the tropics, it is warm and suitable for growing in an environment with a temperature higher than 25 degrees, and the climate and soil requirements of okra are not high.


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