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Types and characteristics of carpets

Types and characteristics of carpets

Types and characteristics of carpets


At first, the carpet was only used for laying the floor to keep out the cold and dampness, which made it easy to sit and lie down. In the later development process, it gradually developed into a kind of high-class ornament due to the development of national culture and handicraft techniques, both with heat insulation, moisture-proof, comfortable and other functions, but also noble, gorgeous, beautiful, pleasing to the eye effect, thus becoming a high-level architectural decoration necessary products.


Types and characteristics of carpets


Now the variety of carpet, according to the classification of carpet materials are:


(1) pure wool carpet, China's pure wool carpet is made of native wool, its fiber long, tensile strength, good elasticity, luster, fiber slightly thick and strong, is the world's best weaving carpet, quality raw materials. At present, some manufacturers will China's indigenous species of wool and imported wool fibers (such as New Zealand and other countries) mixed with the use of imported wool fiber thin, shiny and other characteristics, achieved good results.


The weight of pure wool carpet is about 1.6 ~ 2.6 kg/m2, it is the high-class decoration material of the ground of the high-class guest room, Hall, stage and so on. In recent years also produced pure wool non-woven carpet, it is not woven or woven method, made of pure wool carpet.

(2) the blended carpet, the blended carpet is by the wool fiber and each kind of synthetic fiber blended becomes the ground decoration material. The price of the blended carpet is lower and its performance is improved because of the synthetic fiber. If the wool fiber in 20% of the nylon fiber blended, can make the carpet resistance, abrasion increased five times, decorative performance is not inferior to pure wool carpet, and the price.


(3) man-made fiber carpet, man-made fiber carpet also called man-made fiber carpet, such as polypropylene man-made fiber carpet, man-made fiber carpet, man-made fiber carpet, nylon carpet, etc. . It is tufted or woven, the method will be made of synthetic fiber face, and then sewn with linen from the bottom layer. Chemical fiber carpet wear resistance, good and elastic, low price, suitable for general building ground decoration.


(4) plastic carpet, plastic carpet is the use of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials, through uniform, mixing, made of plastic, it can be used in place of pure wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet. Plastic carpet texture soft, colorful, comfortable and durable, not easy to burn and can be extinguished, not afraid of wet. The plastic carpet is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, stages, residences and so on. Because of the water resistance of plastic carpet, it can also be used in the bathroom to play anti-skid role.


Carpets can also be classified according to the style of supply:


(1) the whole volume supply of carpets, chemical fiber carpets, plastic carpets and non-woven pure wool carpets often follow the whole volume supply. Laying this kind of carpet can make indoor have spacious feeling, whole feeling, but damage is replaced not very convenient, also not enough economic.


(2) block carpets, pure wool and other carpets of different materials can be supplied in blocks. Pure wool carpet can also complete sets, supply, each set by if in a piece of shape, specifications of different carpet composition. The pattern square carpet is, by the pattern each different small carpet composition, they may assemble the different pattern. Block carpeting is convenient and flexible to lay, and the position can be changed at any time. In this way, it provides a greater choice for the interior design, and it can also satisfy the tastes of different owners, damage to the serious parts of the carpet can be replaced at any time, thus extending the life of the carpet to achieve both economic and aesthetic purposes. Small pieces of carpet are cleverly laid indoors, often with a Zhang Sengyou effect. Small pieces of carpet can break the monotonous sense of large gray ground, but also make the indoor different functions, functional areas are divided. Door blanket, bed blanket, road blanket, etc. are the successful application of block carpet.


Classified by method of production

Mechanical carpet


Mechanism Wilton Carpet:


1) the machine originated in Belgium, its characteristics are: fabric plump, compact structure, square meters of down yarn weight, because the equipment is double-layer fabric, so high efficiency.

Wilton carpet should be used mainly for hotel room carpet, due to the carpet fabric plump, elastic, laying room foot comfort, is the ideal product of hotel room carpet.


  1. Mechanism Akminster carpets:


The machine originated in Britain, has a history of more than 100 years, the biggest feature of the carpet production equipment is up to 8 colors or more. Due to the different weaving process, the stability of the finished carpet is better, is a hotel corridor and public part of the best preferred products. Because the machine is a single-layer fabric, and very low speed, carpet weaving efficiency is very low, its efficiency is only 40% of Wilton, so the carpet is expensive, is the top of all kinds of woven carpet.


Tufted carpet:


1) the carpet is also a large category of woven carpets, but it is not the warp and weft interweave, but the pile yarn through the needle inserted in the same day on the base cloth, and then held by glue on the back of the pile.


Due to its high production efficiency and low price compared with woven Wilton and Axminster carpets, the carpet is the choice of all hotel rooms.


Hand-made carpets


  1. Hand-woven carpet: the warp yarn is fixed on the beam, by hand will pile yarn hand-knotted knitting fixed on the warp line. Handmade carpets are not limited by the amount of color. Hand-woven carpet density, long hair, after the finishing process after a rich color and a strong sense of three-dimensional characteristics.
  2. Manual bayonet carpet: is a weaver needle lance, by hand or electric will carpet pile yarn artificial implant base cloth, after the road from the glue treatment.


Sort by raw material


Wool carpet


  1. Wool is a kind of natural protein fiber. Because of its good hygroscopicity, good crimp, scale covering and easy dyeing, wool carpet has the stability and use effect that chemical fiber carpet does not have.


  1. Wool carpet in a relatively stable temperature, humidity state, it's defined as 15% moisture regain, that is, in the temperature of 22 degrees, 65% -70% relative humidity, 100 kilograms of wool moisture absorption rate of 15% . As a result of this superior physical properties, wool electrical conductivity is good, the carpet in the use of the process is impossible to produce static electricity. Because the wool moisture absorption performance is good, the wool carpet is not easy to be in the air the dust ion attachment, therefore the wool carpet anti-fouling performance is extremely good.


  1. Good elasticity. Because the natural crimp of wool fiber is good, it can stretch 30% without breaking the fiber, which causes the elasticity of wool carpet and elastic recovery is very good, carpet feet feel comfortable.


Four. Best Flame retardant performance. Wool carpet as a result of good moisture absorption, high ignition point, in normal conditions, flame is not easy to ignite, with a natural flame retardant, difficult to ignite and self-extinguishing performance. As the wool fiber is a protein fiber, in the cigarette end and other fire fell to the carpet, although hot a charcoal mark, but only a slight rub carbon mark can be eliminated.


  1. Anti-pollution, should be cleaned. The wool fiber outer layer has the scale to cover, in addition the wool itself moisture regain is very high, the carpet general is not easy to pollute, because the scale function, the wool carpet is very easy to clean.


  1. The disadvantage of wool carpets is that they do not dry easily. Because wool fiber hygroscopicity is excellent, carpet is not easy to dry after washing, so the use of wool carpet in washing must be equipped with a good performance of pumping, dehydration, drying and other washing equipment.


Nylon carpet


  1. Also known as Polyamide fiber. The fiber has the best polishing performance, and good rigidity, easy dyeing, is the chemical fiber in the carpet materials in the best material. Nylon material macromolecular structure is compact, anti-aging, good elasticity, nylon fiber dyeing groups, the use of conventional dyes at room temperature can be dyed bright color, and color fastness is good.


  1. The rigidity of nylon fiber good determines the fiber carpet elastic recovery is particularly good, nylon carpet is fiber carpet in the superior products.


  1. Nylon fiber and wool blend can fully reflect the advantages of the two fibers, but also offset each other's shortcomings, the use of high-grade wool woven carpet is generally mixed with 20% nylon fiber to improve carpet quality.

Polyester and acrylic


  1. These two chemical fibers have all kinds of characteristics of carpet materials, but due to their own limitations, such as polyester fiber wear resistance, elasticity, anti-aging, and so on are all pass nylon fiber, polyester fiber has a very high melting point and ignition point, it has the best flame retardant effect among all chemical fibers, but the dyeing temperature of the fiber is extremely high, and it must be dyed best at high temperature above 110 degrees, not only the quality of blended carpet can be guaranteed, and will reduce the price of products, but manufacturers must have high-temperature high-pressure dyeing equipment and scientific, advanced dyeing process


  1. Acrylic fiber dyeing group is good, bright color, but the fiber is very thin, rigid, so the poor elasticity of carpet, the fiber is generally not used alone as carpet raw materials.


Polypropylene fiber


Polypropylene fiber is the chemical fiber used in carpet production of crimson the earliest one of the fibers, in the 1960s accounted for 80% of chemical carpet products. The basic characteristics of the fiber is good rigidity, good resilience, etc. , can meet the needs of carpet production. But the fiber has a fatal weakness, that is, not anti-aging, poor fastness to sunlight, poor flame retardancy. So from the 1980s, the fiber gradually withdrew from the use of high-end hotel occasions. From the carpet production and use of the more developed countries in the United States and Western Europe carpet production and use survey, polypropylene carpet production accounted for only 13% of the total carpet production, and most are sold to developing countries and less developed countries.


According to the direction of use blanket classification


Commercial carpets


In a broad sense refers to the use of carpets other than household and industrial carpets and places. Commercial carpets are still limited to hotels, hotels, office buildings, office buildings, restaurants and so on in China, while in the United States and Western developed countries, commercial carpets in addition to the above-mentioned places of use, has been in the airport terminal, the terminal waiting hall, station waiting rooms, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, nurseries, theaters are widely used, and with economic development and social progress, the use of commercial carpets will gradually increase, covering a wider area.


Household carpets


As its name suggests, it is a family carpet. The domestic carpet still stays on the carpet in our country, because the decoration of the Chinese family is still largely based on the wooden floor, but the western developed country home carpets and the square carpet union, the Chinese domestic carpet potential is very big, if you want to popularize the economic conditions outside, the outdoor environment is completely changed is also an important factor.


Industrial carpets

Industrial carpets from home to abroad, only for cars, aircraft, passenger ships and other decorative use.


Carpets are divided into six grades according to the performance of the space in which they are used:


(1) light domestic level: laying in the infrequent use of the room or place; (2) medium domestic level or light professional use level: for the master bedroom or dining room, etc.  (3) general household class or medium professional use class: for living room, frequent traffic parts, such as stairs, corridors, etc. . (4) heavy household class or general professional use class: for the home of heavy wear and tear places; (5) heavy professional use class: families do not generally; (6) luxury class: carpet quality is good, fiber long, so luxury style.


The principle of choosing carpets


Carpet selection and decoration standards, the principle of unity of style


Any project is a new project, old project reconstruction or re-decoration are planned, there are standards. Whether it is decorated according to five-star standard or three-star standard, whether it is western style or Chinese style, whether it is classical style or modern style, all these are the reference points of what kind, grade, color and pattern carpet you choose, only adhere to the standard style of decoration with the choice of carpet unity, in order to make your project As Good as It Gets, to achieve icing on the cake.


The principle of selecting carpet for subarea


A Complete Hotel project is composed of several different areas, there are rooms, corridors, elevator hall, large and small restaurants, large and small meeting rooms, reception rooms, as well as office areas, entertainment areas. Due to the different functions of these areas, but also caused by the flow of people, the flow of different vehicles. Is quiet is noisy, is cold is warm, in order to adapt to the particularity of the area, the choice of the area carpet must be corresponding to it, that is, adaptability.


Carpet selection and the external environment to adapt to the principle


Your Hotel, hotel in what kind of external environment, the choice of your carpet has a great constraint. The annual average rainfall, average air temperature, outdoor relative temperature, humidity, air quality, sanitation and greening are all factors to be taken into account, and these factors are not taken into account, will bring a lot of trouble to the carpet in the use process. For example, Harbin nearly half a year of winter, the city is very clean, but guests foot ice, snow into the hotel immediately melt, to the corridor, room carpet caused a lot of pollution. If it is a coal-producing area, fine and even invisible dust with the shoes of the people entering the hotel, bringing difficulties to carpet cleaning. Therefore, when the external environment is special, more consideration should be given to the unity of carpet type and environment.


Carpet selection and project budget consistent with the principle


The first is not due to the budget impact of the choice of carpet grade, but can be adjusted. Mechanical carpet because of different production process and different raw material ratio caused by different prices, so that the carpet can not reduce the grade but also meet the budget to provide a large choice. The same 80% wool room carpet because of different production process, wool tufting price difference is obvious. Using 50% wool, 50% chemical fiber blended (chemical fiber except nylon, polyester, acrylic fiber and other chemical fiber prices are lower than wool prices) , not only to ensure the practical quality of carpet, but also to eliminate static electricity, wool and chemical fiber complementary advantages and disadvantages, it can also reduce the cost. In addition, you can reduce the thickness of the carpet, reducing the weight of pile to reduce the price. In a word, we should adjust the variety, the proportion of wool and the weight of pile in the same class and the same category of carpets without reducing the selection and grade of carpets, in order to achieve the unity of carpet quality and project budget.


Carpet selection adhere to the principle of comparison

Whether it is imported carpets or domestic carpets, manufacturers will be due to different equipment, raw materials, processing technology differences and management level, and so on, result in a variety of final products, varieties, quality, color, price and service. Through the choice of products to manufacturers can be used to sample comparison, information analysis, inspection of enterprises and other ways to complete, so as to achieve the best choice of carpets and access to better services.

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