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The carpet, mat or rug not only protects the floor, it also has these wonderful uses

The carpet, mat or rug not only protects the floor, it also has these wonderful uses

The carpet, mat or rug not only protects the floor, it also has these wonderful uses


Blankets can not only protect the floor, but also add personality and atmosphere to the family space, and it is also a home essential that expresses the personality and preferences of the owner. But carpets are easy to attract dust, stains and animal hair and mold, and many people think that carpets are not easy to take care of and difficult to clean, so many of them do not wash them, or simply put them on the shelf. In fact, carpet maintenance is not difficult, many people think that carpet maintenance is often cleaned to maintain cleanliness, in fact, often washed will affect the softness, color, luster of the carpet.


The carpet, mat or rug not only protects the floor, it also has these wonderful uses


In daily life, everyone likes to dry the quilt in the sun, in fact, the carpet also needs to be dried. Proper sun exposure on the carpet can play a role in sterilization, but be careful not to over-expose Oh ~ this will make the carpet lose its original luster and softness. To maintain the beauty and texture of the carpet, it is necessary to vacuum the carpet correctly on a regular basis, because the dust entering the carpet will scratch the plush fibers and make the carpet lose its luster. In life, there are inevitably some emergencies, and dealing with them immediately will save a lot of time. First, use a clean cloth or paper towel to suck off the spill, then pour the baking powder into the dirty area and leave on for 15 minutes. Wait until the overflow is completely dry before cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.


And carpet in family life, the most worth mentioning is its beauty and artistic sense. Some people also said: "If you think of the space as a beautiful woman, the carpet exists as if it were blush, and a carpet worthy of the interior design style can instantly enhance the color of the space." ”


No matter what kind of decoration style, no matter how much decoration budget, the appearance of carpet artists can always be the icing on the cake.


Everyone wants a room with plenty of light, but there are many rooms where it is difficult to meet this requirement. At this point, a light-colored carpet will add some sparkle to the space. Many small partners want to add a little "contrast" to the inner style to make the home look more advanced, but they are afraid of crashing. Then you might as well try to lay out a colorful carpet, and the desired contrast effect will come out. Many friends are still afraid of the contrast color can not hold, then try the same color collocation, not only will not go wrong, but also can make the overall more coordinated. For example, the gray sofa pillows and the carpet of the same color echo each other, harmonious and natural.


Nowadays, there are many young friends who like minimalist style, ins wind, Nordic style, although this looks really advanced and good-looking, but after living for a long time, I still feel that there is no breath of life! It felt like home and carpeted. Many people decorate the light-colored floor when decorating, but when buying a sofa, they choose dark colors, and the two are matched, how to look at it is not harmonious. At this time, just lay a carpet with rich colors or patterns, and the gentle excess can alleviate the abrupt feeling just right.


Distinguish between carpet quality and quality. First look at its material, its material is not the same, relatively speaking, the material is different, its particle thickness, its yarn thickness will be different, because this piece of it is a different material, so it is relatively different its fineness is not the same, the fine density of the yarn is not the same. The second is the degree of carpet worsting, that is, the yarn density of the carpet is not the same, see without me this can see the bottom inside as soon as I open it, but if we say that this carpet, the high-quality carpet is very dense, it can not see the bottom after opening it can not see the bottom? Third, look at the back of the carpet, its lower back can not be seen, the same is a delicate carpet, then the bottom of the back can also see the degree of sophistication of its craftsmanship, today is very happy to share with you, how to choose the carpet, I hope that our way of selecting carpets can also be helpful to friends.

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