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Technological process of baking paint for jewelry cabinet

Technological process of baking paint for jewelry cabinet

Technological process of baking paint for jewelry cabinet


Jewelry Showcase Craft Process


The coating process of the plate is often used on the manufacturing showcase. The paint cabinet is not only beautiful, but also feels very high -end. Let's take a look at its construction process:


Technological process of baking paint for jewelry cabinet 


One: Construction points


  1. Construction standards for cleaning oil: polishing the base layer is an important process for paint paint. First, the dusty ash, oil pollution and other impurities of the woodenware should be cleaned. Shangrun oil powder is also an important process for the paint brushing. During construction, apply cotton -dipped oil to the surface of the wood. Rubbing it back and forth with your hands, and wipe the oil powder into the wooden eyes of the wood. When applying the oil, the hand holding oil should be easily and natural, and the fingers are quietly working hard. When applying brushes, you should follow more, dip the oil every time, and work hard when the operation. Construction of vertical operation methods.


  1. Construction criteria for mixed oil in appearance:


In the grassroots level, in addition to liquidating the debris at the grassroots level, some putty should also be stopped, and sandpaper should be polished along the wood grain. Before applying the surface layer, the paint is used to stop the back cover on the scar with large color differences and culisters with large color differences and wooden fat. Apply oil or clear at the grassroots level, and the dry oil layer should be brushed all over everything, and you cannot miss it. After the base oil is dry, the first pass is full of putty. After drying, it is polished by handmade sandpaper, and then the high -strength putty is supplemented. When painting the face layer paint, it should be polished with fine sandpaper.


Two: The main construction process


  1. Character construction process:


Clear wood appearance → matte paper light → upper moisturizer powder → polishing paper → full scrape the first paste, sandpaper grinding → full scrape the putty, fine sand paper polish → painting oil color → brushing the first paint for the first passenger → Find color replenishment putty, fine sand paper polish → brush the paint for the second time, fine sand paper polish → brush the paint for the third time, polish → water sandpaper to polish the light, wax, brighten.


  1. Mixed paint painting construction process:


First, clean the dust of the grassroots appearance, repair the grassroots level → flatten the scars at the section of the scar → the bottom scraping putty → paint oil → the first time full scrape the putty → polish → paint the bottom coating → bottom layer coatings Dry hard → paint the surface layer → replenishment putty to stop repair → polish and rub the third, paint the paint for the second time the paint → polish → the third time the top paint → polishing and waxing.


3: Pay attention


  1. The grassroots disposal should be constructed according to request to ensure that the appearance paint will not fail.


  1. Clean up your surroundings to avoid dust.


  1. Because the paint has certain toxicity and has a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory tract, we must pay attention to ventilation during construction.


In terms of crafts, the most important thing is to pay attention to the temperature and ventilation requests. In fact, in the current market, large local product terminal vendors are choosing the paint process. Because the paint process is not only high -end, but also excellent quality!

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