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Method of sealing machine adjustment

Method of sealing machine adjustment

Method of sealing machine adjustment


Roll seal


  1. The function of the roll seal cam: the roll seal cam is used to control the operation of the roll seal roller to achieve the main goal of double roll sealing.


  1. Non-coil sealing characteristics: when used to check the first roll seal action, there is no need to move to the second roll seal roller, remove the cover first, pull the eccentric handle located at the upper end of the roll seal cam, so that the winding cam rotating disk can be removed from the winding seal position to the right, so that only the first roll seal effect, but the second roll seal does not work.

Method of sealing machine adjustment




(1) release the nut before pulling the eccentric handle, and the nut must be locked when the adjustment is completed and the normal winding seal is restored.


(2) when the cover is in an unrolled position, it cannot be closed until the eccentric handle returns to the normal rolling position.


  1. The method of adjusting clearance of coiling wheel:


(1) turn the handwheel to make the roll head to the most appropriate position


(2) relax the inner hexagonal screw on the cam roller seat


(3) relax the coil seal and adjust the inner hexagonal screw on the worm


(4) rotating coil seal adjusting worm front hexagonal nut


(5) turn right and adjust tight


(6) if you want to relax, you can turn left before you go to the right, which is a little looser than when you tighten it. If you adjust directly to the left, it won't work.


(7) after the tightness is adjusted, fasten the hexagonal screw in the lock.


(8) the nut can be locked.


Sealing and adjusting the clearance of pressure head


  1. Manually rotate the roll head and stop in the most appropriate position


  1. Open the shield


  1. Relax the capping cam adjusting seat


  1. Adjust the capping cam adjusting seat so that the coiling wheel is inward


  1. Relax the M10 bolt on the reel adjusting seat, move the reel up and down, and adjust to the appropriate clearance required.


(1) the 0.03mm---0.07mm gap between the first coiling wheel and the upper edge of the head


Note: excessive clearance is the main cause of "can cutting".


(2) the 0.15mm---0.20mm gap of the second coiling wheel.


It varies according to the thickness and hardness of the material.


  1. Lock all the above adjusted screws


  1. The gap between the coiling wheel and the head is usually when the handwheel rotates the roll wheel to the tightest position:

(1) the gap between the first coiling wheel and the head is about 2.0mm.


(2) the gap between the second coiling wheel and the head is about 1.4mm.


The size of the gap depends on the actual sealing needs.


Prevention matters:


Serious damage is generally caused by insufficient clearance between the coiling wheel and the upper edge of the head. Each time a new coiling wheel is replaced, care must be taken to adjust the relative gap between the two.


  1. Method of adjusting the height of the roll head:


(1) release the 4 M16 bolts of the coil head holder (located at the central shaft of the machine) on the three pillars of the M12 bolt


(2) turning the lifting screw square head with the hand shaker


(3) the roll head is usually lowered before it is raised to the desired height


(4) turning the handle clockwise is down, but counterclockwise is the opposite.


(5) after adjusting the required height, lock the above relaxed bolts.


  1. Adjustment of compression capacity of bracket tray


(1) put an empty can and lid on the riser tray, manually turn to the most tight part of the first roll seal, and detect whether the compression spring compression is between 0.5---1.0mm. The amount of spring compression is determined by the adjustment of spring elasticity in the riser plate.


(2) the adjustment method of spring compression is as follows:


1 open the riser tray


2 use hexagonal wrench to rotate the inside adjustment bolt, clockwise increase spring compression force, counterclockwise reverse.


ote: when opening the can tray, do not allow sundries or water to enter.

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