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Many people think that potatoes are so cheap. Why should they raise themselves?

Many people think that potatoes are so cheap. Why should they raise themselves?

Many people think potatoes are so cheap, why do they have to raise them themselves?


You can grow some potatoes of different varieties by yourself. You don't have to plant them in the yard. You can also plant them in some containers. What I want to share below is to use some discarded sacks to grow potatoes.


Potatoes are a very good vegetable, which can be stored for several months as long as they are properly stored. Some of my own potatoes taste better, and they are rich in nutrition. If you want to cultivate potatoes, you can directly choose some of your favorite varieties and plant them with some breathable and well-drained sacks.


The best time to plant potatoes is from the end of March to July to August. After they are planted in pot soil, they can be harvested in 3 to 4 months.

 Many people think that potatoes are so cheap. Why should they raise themselves?


You can buy some bigger potatoes as seed balls, cut potato pieces, and ensure that each small piece has more than two bud eyes, and the excess parts can be eaten directly. Before planting potatoes, you should prepare a large sack, loose and drained soil, and some organic fertilizer water, preferably potassium dihydrogen phosphate, to promote flowering and fruiting. During planting, fertilizer should be supplemented every 3 weeks, and regular watering should be paid attention to.


Use sacks to plant potatoes. Don't use the same soil for two years, otherwise it will easily infect potatoes with diseases and pests. That's why the potatoes that we usually plant in the yard will not be used for planting potatoes in the second year, just to avoid infection with pests and diseases and reduce risks.


In the week before planting, potatoes can be placed in a warm place, so that potatoes can grow some small buds slowly. When its small buds grow to one or two centimeters high, a large piece with bud eyes can be cut and planted. The cut potatoes should be put aside for two or three days before planting, so as to heal the wounds. Each cut potato is about 5cm wide, so as to ensure that each one has more than two bud eyes.


You need to prepare some large sacks, the size of which is about 60 liters or more. Don't use some too small sacks for cultivation. In addition, make sure that there are drainage holes at the bottom. You can poke a few holes first, and then add 1/3 of loose soil into the sacks.


Then put the sack in a sunny place, and then you can plant the potatoes with sprouting eyes. You can sprinkle some fungicides in advance, so as to avoid infection with fungal diseases. Potatoes with small buds are planted at a depth of 4 ~ 5cm under the soil. After they are done, they are covered with soil and completely watered.


When the potato plant grows to 18 ~ 20cm high, more soil and straw can be added to the sack, so as to keep water and ensure more fertility in the soil. As the potatoes grow taller, it is necessary to lift up the sack, and constantly add more soil to ensure sufficient fertility in the soil. In addition, pay attention to watering regularly, so that the soil is slightly wet, but not too wet. Just keep the soil with a certain amount of water, and don't let the soil accumulate water.


Pay attention to more than 6~8 hours of direct light every day in the later period, and the maintained environment is ventilated and transparent, and some straw can be laid on the soil surface.

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