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Introduction of electromagnetic induction sealing machine for aluminum foil

Introduction of electromagnetic induction sealing machine for aluminum foil

Introduction of electromagnetic induction sealing machine for aluminum foil

  1. Overview:


The technology of aluminum-plastic composite materials heating and sealing through electromagnetic induction is the more advanced and popular non-contact sealing technology at home and abroad. The electromagnetic induction sealing machine manufactured by this principle has increasingly become an essential equipment for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, grease, by-food, health care products, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals and other industries, and high-quality gas sealing requirements for non-metallic bottles such as plastics and glass, so as to achieve the requirements of improving product grade, enhancing sealing performance, and improving anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting. Note: Sealers and vacuum packaging machines are different, and some people are easily confused.


Introduction of electromagnetic induction sealing machine for aluminum foil


Our factory adopts international advanced heating technology, key electronic components select imported components, and according to the long years of production experience accumulation and exploration and improvement, now developed and produced this series of electromagnetic induction sealing machine, in the machine performance stability and work efficiency have made major breakthroughs, and gradually become the more popular at home and abroad market high-quality and inexpensive electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing equipment.


  1. the principle:


According to the principle of generating huge vortex and heating under the action of high-frequency electromagnetic field, the sealing machine makes the aluminum foil heat melt the adhesive film of the lower layer of the aluminum foil and bond with the bottle mouth through electromagnetic induction to achieve continuous rapid non-contact sealing work.


III. Features:


All heating parts of the sealing machine adopt air-cooled forced cooling technology, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost and miniaturizes the design; Enhanced the working stability of the equipment and reduced the cost of use and maintenance; It improves production efficiency and greatly reduces the price of equipment, realizing the design requirements of high quality and low price.


The sealing machine has the function of automatically stopping the conveyor belt in the process of equipment failure during the work, so as to prevent the batch of unheated sealed products and products that have been heated and sealed to be confused together, affecting the reputation of the product.


This machine design and intuitive input power voltmeter and induction of the working ammeter, in order to make timely adjustments when the voltage and current reach the normal operation requirements to ensure the quality of sealing.


The sealing machine conveyor has the function of electronic stepless speed regulation, and the speed adjustment is carried out in time according to the voltage and current changes in the sealing process to achieve the best sealing quality and speed ratio.


The sealing machine induction head can be used as a secondary up and down lift, and can adapt to the sealing object in the height range of 20-200MM through the sealing work.

The machine also has the sealing working current overcurrent, the protection function and the intuitive indication function when the temperature of the main components is too high to extend the service life of the equipment.

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