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How to clean the carpet, mats or rugs better?

How to clean the carpet, mats or rugs better?

How to clean the carpet, mats or rugs better?


  1. First, the dust cleaner should be used for comprehensive ash absorption.


  1. Then dilute the carpet cleaner and spray the diluted cleaner evenly on the carpet.


  1. After 15 minutes or so, the stain is detached from the carpet, and the washing machine is used for washing, walking backward and washing at least twice.


How to clean the carpet, mats or rugs better?


  1. After washing, use the suction machine to absorb the water stains left over from the carpet, and so on, after the carpet is completely dried, you can spread it and continue to use it.


The function of carpet: carpet is an advanced floor decoration material. Whether at home, in a hotel, or in an office building conference room, the floor is carpeted with elegance and luxury, and walking on the carpet is softer and more comfortable than the hard floor.


  1. With carpets, we will become more relaxed, contribute to the quality of sleep, as well as protect our heads, can reduce fatigue.


  1. Due to the existence of carpet, completely avoid the noise produced when not in contact with the floor, cleaning is also particularly convenient.


  1. Home soft carpet, not only can protect the floor, but also can add icing on the cake, add decoration, focus on local visual effects, distinguish functional areas, improve grades.


  1. Warm, carpet choice is like a clear pen, to add warmth to the home, so that the sense of space hierarchy, material feeling more rich, more family feeling.


Carpet laying shortcomings: carpet dense gaps will absorb suspended matter in the air, but the accumulation of dust is easy to make allergic physique people have allergic symptoms such as sneezing, skin itching and other allergic symptoms, which is particularly important to children. Many parents did not care before, so careless things happen to reproduce mites on the carpet, if children who cause allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, acaroid asthma and other diseases play on it. It's easy to inhale mites and get pneumonia.


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