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Adjustment method of each part of continuous sealer

Adjustment method of each part of continuous sealer

Adjustment method of each part of continuous sealer


In order to apply the specifications and thickness of different bags, the continuous sealing machine can adjust the height of the conveying table, the sealing temperature and the running speed of the sealing machine during production. The following summarizes the methods of adjusting the various components of the continuous sealing machine:


Adjustment method of each part of continuous sealer


  1. Height adjustment of conveying table: loosen the height adjustment nut of conveying wheel with crescent wrench, then loosen the height adjustment knob of conveying table, pull the conveying table up with both hands to the required position, and tighten the height adjustment button of conveying table and the height adjustment nut of hanging wheel.


  1. Adjustment of inlet and outlet of conveying table: If you need to adjust the inlet and outlet of conveying table, loosen the outlet adjustment buttons on both sides of conveying table, move the worktable outward with both hands to the required position, and tighten the inlet and outlet adjustment buttons of two conveying tables.


  1. Height adjustment of vertical sealing machine: Lie the vertical sealing machine on the table, first loosen the hanging wheel height adjustment nut, then loosen the height adjustment button to adjust the height required for sealing, tighten the height adjustment button, stand up the sealing machine, adjust the vertical position of the vertical long shaft, and tighten the hanging wheel adjustment nut.


  1. Sealing width adjustment: adjust and cut the backrest plate according to the sealing requirements


  1. Sealing pressure adjustment: The pressure of knurling wheel is directly related to sealing quality. Adjust and cut the pressure adjustment button of the printing wheel properly until the pattern is clear. Pressure is too high, affect the life of the other parts. If the pressure is too low, the pattern is not clear and the sealing strength is reduced.


  1. Operation adjustment of sealing belt: When the sealing machine is running, if the sealing belt goes out, the upper sealing belt cuts the sealing belt of the upper passive wheel seat in and out of the adjusting screw, and the lower sealing belt also cuts the adjusting screw of the wheel seat. If the sealing belt goes in, For example, there is a gap between the upper and lower heating blocks and the cooling blocks. But the sealing tape does not turn. It is necessary to tighten the sealing belt elastic cutting screw shown, but it should not be too tight, otherwise the service life of the sealing belt will be shortened.


  1. Setting of sealing speed and sealing temperature: According to the different material and thickness of the film, it is best to choose the speed control knob on the panel and the temperature setting knob of the electronic temperature controller to obtain the best sealing strength. The adjustment method of food vacuum packaging machine is similar. Sealing temperature and speed are related to sealing material. Similarly, when the temperature is high, the speed can be increased. When the speed is low, the temperature should be lower. The thicker the film thickness, the higher the temperature, the lower the speed, and vice versa.

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