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Brand: Delxo


  • [PACKAGE INCLUDE] - Each Kit Includes 15 Pack Peat Pots Seed Trays Seedling Starter Tray (10 Cells per Tray), and 20 Plastic Plant Markers - Plant Markers are Not Biodegradable.
  • [BIODEGRADABLE MATERIAL]- MoHern Seed Starter Trays are Made Mainly of Paper and Peat Moss, Also Contain N, P, K. They are Eco-Friendly, Easily Degradable and Completely Recycled.
  • [LESS HARMFUL] -Seedling Trays Will Gradually Soften That Not Necessary to Dig the Seedlings or Potting Soil out of Plant Starter Manually, Thus Greatly Improving the Survival of The Seedlings.
  • [PROFESSIONAL]- When the Pot Trays Begin to Degrade,The Roots are Also Strong Enough to Penetrate Them. It Overcomes the Common Problems of Crooked Roots and Rotten Roots in the Cultivation of Seedlings with Plastic Pots. Finally, Becoming Organic Fertilizer.
  • [Suitable for Saplings and starters] - Each Peat Pot Cell is 1.3" Square and 2.1" Deep, for Planting Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables, Strawberries, Hanging plants, Saplings and so on.

Details: Delxo 15 Pack Peat Pots Seed Trays Seedling Starter Tray (10 Cells per Tray) for Garden Seedling Tray 100% Eco-Friendly Organic Germination Seedling Trays Biodegradable, 20 Plastic Plant Markers Included

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.0 x 3.5 inches