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Use of folding chairs

Use of folding chairs

Use of folding chairs


The use of folding chairs

What are the uses of folding chairs?

Folding chair, portable, folding function of the seat, not only convenient to move, but also save space. Originally used for military purposes. Commonly used in various training institutions, schools at all levels, public places, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, companies, families, picnics, self-driving tours, outdoor leisure and other places.


Use of folding chairs


How to choose folding chair?

  1. 1.welding: if the folding chair is steel frame structure, to pay attention to the welding to smooth, no gap, coating to look uniform and soft.


  1. Steel tube thickness: if the folding chair is aluminum alloy tube, the thickness of steel tube 1.2 mm or so, no impurities for the better.


  1. firmness: look at the overall quality of the frame, the product can be used both hands before and after shaking, shaking, strong folding chair, its frame is very good, not easy to shake.


  1. 4.wrap cloth quality: leather folding chair can be pinched with two fingers pull up a pull, if the hand feeling is strong, good recovery is first-class.


  1. Sit Down: Try the folding chair yourself, find out how comfortable it is, and make sure before you buy it.

What kind of folding chairs are there?

Phosphating steel tube folding chair

The phosphating solution is phosphating the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe of the folding chair to form a black phosphating protective film. Antiseptic effect than oxidation treatment, especially as a sun chair or beach chair is more important.


  1. Oxford cloth deck chairs

The Oxford cloth on the general leisure deck chair, multi-purpose polyester cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn interweave, use weft weight flat or Henry Fong organization. Easy to wash and dry, feel soft, good moisture absorption, wear comfortable.


 Use of folding chairs


  1. Carbonized bamboo deck chair

The strength and density of bamboo recliner are higher than general wood recliner, and the strength of bamboo product is higher than general wood product. The volume of bamboo products is smaller than that of wood products when used as structural materials. Bamboo texture straight, smooth texture, simple color, easy bleaching, dyeing and charring treatment, can be comparable to the hardwood. It has the natural grain of bamboo fiber, carbonized color and high-grade mahogany almost, so it also has the role of leisure decoration.


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