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Material and pile structure of door mats

Material and pile structure of door mats

Material and pile structure of door mats


(1) Material of carpet


Carpet materials can be divided into carpet material, primary backing, anti-loose coating, secondary backing and adhesive. Different carpets use different materials.


Material and pile structure of door mats


  1. Blanket fiber


As mentioned above, the carpet surface fibers used to produce carpets include nylon, Moongreen fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyester fiber, etc. Among them, nylon is suitable for piece dyeing, has excellent abrasion resistance, good resilience and texture retention, and the processing cost is the highest, so the usage amount is the largest. Polypropylene fiber is low in price and poor in dyeing property, so it can't be used to make long-staple and tight-laid fine staple, and is only suitable for terry structures, such as needle-tied carpets. Therefore, blended carpets appear.


In order to improve the anti-pollution and anti-static properties of carpets, foreign countries have used profiled hollow fibers, or added various additives, such as esters, amides or derivatives of amines, and even mixed with very fine metal fibers to improve the anti-static properties.


Due to its low price, excellent tensile strength, wet strength and wear resistance, polypropylene fiber has great potential as carpet fiber as long as its defects of small resilience and poor dyeability can be improved.


  1. Primary backing


Primary backing is an integral part of all kinds of carpets, and its main function is to fix pile loops, provide shape stability and processing adaptability, etc. The tufted carpet also needs a secondary backing.


The primary backing used to be made of jute woven net, but now it is mostly polypropylene backing, which is cheaper than jute. There are two kinds of polypropylene backing: organic and non-woven.


Woven carpets have high requirements for primary backing. At present, jute and cotton fibers are mainly used, and polypropylene accounts for a small proportion.


  1. Anti-locking coating material


Needle-bonded and tufted carpets must be treated with anti-loose coating material to fix the loops after needle-bonded and tufted on the primary backing. Needle-bonded carpets are generally dipped in glue, while tufted carpets are glued on the opposite side to fix the tufted loops on the opposite side.


The commonly used anti-loosening coating material is styrene-butadiene latex, with a solid content of 50%-70%. If foaming agent is added, it will become foamed styrene-butadiene latex. This foamed styrene-butadiene latex can replace secondary backing jute. Besides, mechanically foamed PVCffl and PU are also used as anti-loosening coating materials, among which PU can be foamed and cured at room temperature, so there is no need for heating equipment such as oven, but the price is higher.


  1. Secondary backing


Secondary backing is generally used in tufted carpets, that is, when anti-loose coating is applied, a bottom layer is compounded to make the carpet appearance more stable. The secondary backing is still mainly made of jute. If foamed anti-loose coating material, such as styrene-butadiene foam latex, can be used instead of yellow linen.


(2) The suede structure of the carpet


The pile structure of carpet is divided into pile and loop pile. As long as the pile structure of carpet with the same manufacturing method is different, its appearance and hand feel will be very different. If the pile structure and pile height of monochrome carpet are changed, unique and implicit pattern effect will also appear.


  1. Cut velvet carpet

Cut-pile carpets have a pile-like structure, delicate pile surface, soft touch, and the length of pile is generally 5-30mm. Carpets with short pile have good durability, light walking and strong practicability, but lack of luxury and poor sense of comfort and elasticity. Carpets with long pile are soft and full, with good elasticity and warmth retention, comfortable feet and gorgeous style.


2, pile carpet

The pile surface of pile carpet is composed of pile loops with a certain height, which has the characteristics of neat and uniform pile loops, moderate and smooth hardness, comfortable walking, good wear resistance and easy cleaning. It is suitable for laying in places with a large amount of walking. If the pile loop height is changed, or some pile loops are cut, the pattern can be displayed with implicit and generous design and elegant style.

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