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Instruction manual for use of carpet, doormat and kitchen mat

Instruction manual for use of carpet, doormat and kitchen mat

Instruction manual for use of carpet, doormat and kitchen mat


It is normal for the new carpet to appear slightly hairy at the beginning of its use. During the whole use process, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the carpet.


Carpet cleaning specifications and operations


First, the water pump cleaning carpet (can be suitable for chemical fiber carpet)


Equipment used: carpet brush, sprayer, suction machine, carpet cleaning machine.


Instruction manual for use of carpet, doormat and kitchen mat


Ingredients used: carpet shampoo.


How to do this:


  1. Vacuum the dust with a vacuum cleaner 


  1. Dilute the cleaning agent, which can also be injected into the water tank


  1. Spray cleaner on the carpet completely


  1. After 10-15 minutes, the stain detaches from the fiber


  1. Use the scrubbing machine to draw, and the operation will walk backwards so that each operating line has a part overlapping, and at least two times of pumping


  1. While cleaning the carpet, use an absorbent machine to suck up the carpet that has been washed


  1. Let the carpet dry completely, in order to speed up the drying of the carpet, the carpet blow dryer can be started.


Second, dry bubble carpet cleaning (suitable for pure wool carpet)


Use of equipment, tools: single-disc wiper with carpet brush and bubbler, carpet comb or rake, vacuum cleaner.


Ingredients used: Carpet high foam cleaner.


How to do this:


  1. Vacuum the dust with the vacuum cleaner


  1. Local treatment is to use a special cleaning agent to treat oil stains, fruit stains and coffee stains on the carpet separately


  1. Dilute the carpet foam cleaner and inject it into the foam box


  1. Use the edges, corners and machines to push the edges of the carpet


  1. Use a single-disc sweeper equipped with a bubbler and carpet brush to wash the carpet with dry bubble brush


6, the effect for a while, and then repeat


7, carpet comb or rake comb carpet cilia, which is very important for the appearance of the carpet, especially the long fiber of the cotton wool carpet, and has the effect of accelerating carpet drying


  1. Let the carpet hair dry completely


  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck off dirt and dry foam crystals.


Third, their own manual cleaning:


Suitable for cleaning in small areas; Dry cleaning powder with carpets, general supermarkets have to sell; Good cleaning effect;

Cleaning methods for special stains:


1, edible oil: with gasoline or carbon chloride and other volatile solvents to remove, the remaining parts should be cleaned with alcohol.


2, soy sauce juice: first brushed with cold water, and then with detergent, that is, removed, aged dirty juice can be added to warm water detergent and ammonia brushing, and then cleaned.


  1. Shoe polish stains: wipe off with gasoline and alcohol, and then wash with soap.


4, urine stains: new stains can be washed and removed with warm water or 10% ammonia liquid, old stains are first washed with detergent, and then washed with ammonia pure wool carpet should be washed with citric acid.


5, juice stains: first wash with 5% ammonia, and then wash again with neutral detergent. However, ammonia has a damaging effect on pure wool carpet fibers, so it should be used to reduce the use, generally can be washed with citric acid or soap, and alcohol can also be used.


6, ice cream stains: rub with gasoline.


7, wine stains: new stains can be cleaned with water. Aged stains need to be removed with an aqueous solution of ammonia and borax. If it is a carpet made of wool material, it can be washed with oxalic acid.

8, coffee stains, tea stains: can be washed off with ammonia. Silk and wool carpets can be soaked in neutral detergent for 10-20 minutes and then washed, or washed with 10% glycerol solution.


9, vomit stains: one method is to wipe with gasoline, then wipe with 5% ammonia, and finally wash with warm water. Another method is to wet the vomit with 10% ammonia, wipe it with a soapy liquid with alcohol added to it, and finally wash it with a neutral detergent.


Carpet cleaning: Regular cleaning is required


Carpet cleaning, cleaning tips: By experienced and professional skills training staff, regularly clean carpets for buildings and office buildings, thereby prolonging the service life of carpets and providing a healthy office environment.


Carpet Cleaning Service - Carpet cleaning must be cleaned regularly


Modern office decoration is almost always made of carpets, because laying carpets can reduce office noise, provide great convenience for indoor computer wiring, and appear more stylish. But laying carpet also has a very bad side, that is, cleaning and hygiene, if the carpet is dirty, it is not only very ugly, but also breeds bacteria or dust mites. Therefore, every company should arrange a carpet cleaning plan for its own office to keep the carpet clean at all times and prevent the growth of bacteria.


From a professional point of view, it is recommended that the carpets in the office be cleaned at least once a quarter. If the office is crowded or the company conditions permit, it is best to clean it once a month.


Carpet cleaning - Thorough cleaning of carpets


During the life of the carpet, sometimes cleaning with a vacuum cleaner cannot restore the appearance of the carpet cleaning. There are four main indicators for determining whether a thorough cleaning is needed: the carpet is tangled and sticky; The color of the carpet is no longer the same as the color of the scraps of the new carpet you have left; The carpet around the chair has a full circle of stains; The carpet will swell up a lot of dust as you run through the room.


If your carpet meets any of the above four conditions, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. If you don't have the time and energy to do a thorough cleaning yourself, it's best to ask a professional to do it.


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